I am a graphic and web designer living in San Diego, CA. I've always created; art flows through my veins. I enjoy by working with my hands, working to bring something new to life. The medium has never mattered much to me…it is the process, curiosity, solving of problems and creativity that drives me. For several years I have focused my drive on graphic design. In a digital world, a mouse click doesn't quite count as working with my hands, so in one form or another I look for ways to incorporate the human touch. I call my style "industrial organic." It is the blending of the hardened, digital, man-made world with that of nature. Distill that down and you get industREAL designs.

It may seem contradictory given my predilection for hand worked designs, but I am passionate about web design and development. I have a strong background in science, I revel in the logic of mathematics and I worked for some time as a data analyst. Blend that with my incessant love to create, design and leave my artistic mark…web design is a perfect medium for me. It demands logic, sequential thinking, attention to detail and patience; it also affords an incredible canvas for creativity, to push past the boundaries artists have had for all of time before we had the expanse of the web. Working with both right & left brain, is where I am happiest.

A note about this site: it is a portfolio website, showcasing my work. The site itself is part of that showcase. I hand coded all of it (working within Dreamweaver) using HTML, HTML5, CSS3 and a touch of jQuery. The exception to this was the use of two jQuery plugins. One is the Slide Down Box Menu by Mary Lou (this included a little CSS). I modified it using my own photography as images, and changing some of the CSS styles. The other plugin is the Photobox - jQuery Image Gallery by Yair Even-Or a.k.a. "vsync." I'm most appreciative to these two specifically, and to the development community in general for their openness in sharing ideas and works. I think this kind of generosity and spirit of collaboration is one that makes us all better designers, communicators and artists. Who knows, maybe it even makes us better people.

So the rest of what you see…and don't see…is all mine. From the information architecture, back-end coding and scripts, to the front-end design, images and copy. Thank you for taking the time to visit. Enjoy!

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